Crypto Collectible Statistics

Welcome to the statistics page, where we try to extrapolate interesting facts and figures for the collectors community. You might be able to see historical trends, overall data and popular investments. We hope you find it as interesting as we do and invite you to send us feedback on what you want included.

We are currently tracking a total of 268 individual crypto product lines. The total amount made within those product lines is 256,232 individual units. The loaded bitcoin items are collectively funded with 138,399.120 BTC (if they ALL held the face value - which they don't for a variety of reasons). The earliest produced crypto currency coin release date is: 2011 Casascius 100 BTC Gold Plated Bar - Series 1 released on 01/01/2011

Most Popular Material

Silver85 Items
Brass40 Items
Copper30 Items
Alloy22 Items
Zinc Alloy12 Items

Top Loaded Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currency NameFrequency
Bitcoin94 Items
Litecoin9 Items
Dogecoin9 Items
Peercoin2 Items
Unknown2 Items

Top Loaded Coin Denominations

DenominationFrequencyTotal Units
1 BTC22 Items54,451 Items
0.01 BTC17 Items9,481 Items
0.1 BTC14 Items25,974 Items
10 BTC11 Items6,692 Items
0.5 BTC9 Items14,943 Items

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