0.10 BTC Silver Lealana Coin


Each coin came from the manufacturer with a Certificate of Authenticity, clear air-tight capsule, and black single-coin leatherette case. Addresses all begin with 1BTC. 500 coins from the total mintage quantity were sold in limited edition four coin sets with individual serial numbers 1-500. It is split into three different hologram types:
Non-Serialised Black: 0
Black: 490
Buyer Funded Black: 10
Green: 1500 (released after Casascius ceased most operations)
Supplier Lealana
Release Date 21/10/2013
Country of Origin United States
Item Type Coin
Denomination 0.100 BTC (Bitcoin)
Mintage Quantity 2000
Base Material Silver
Original Price (crypto) 0.2 Bitcoin
Diameter 25.00mm
Depth 1.40mm
Weight 0.25 oz.
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