0.25 BTC BitPiece Brass Coin


This coin was produced by miffman at the btctalk forums. Only 5 full sets were available (i.e. 1 of each type with corresponding numbers). It was released in three different material and serial number designs:

Brass (001-100)
Brass with silver plating (01-10)
Brass with gold plating. (1-5)

The coin features a custom security anti-counterfeit hologram that secures the private key. Private keys were generated with the serpcoin software which was modified in various ways in order to fit the coin requirements. No private keys or private key information was stored.

Silver plated coins cost 0.05 btc more and gold plated coins were not sold outside of sets. There was the option to receive the coin unfunded or manufacturer funded.
Supplier BitPiece
Release Date 03/07/2016
Item Type Coin
Mintage Quantity Unknown
Base Material Brass
Original Price (crypto) 0.085
Diameter 29.00mm
Depth 2.00mm
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