2012 Casascius 10 BTC Silver Coin - Series 2


This coin was produced in 2012 as the first ever Casascius silver coin. The binary numbers around the edge spell out Bitcoin: an idea too big to fail

These coins came without the laser edge rimming of the 1 BTC version. It was shipped in a plastic capsule which may have helped protect them more than other coins. The actual mintage quantity is an estimate, it is believed 500 were made. The majority were funded in 2011-2013 and a few in 2015.
Supplier Casascius
Release Date 01/01/2012
Country of Origin United States
Item Type Coin
Denomination 10.000 BTC (Bitcoin)
Mintage Quantity 493
Base Material Silver
Diameter 39.00
Depth 3.00
Weight 1.00 oz.
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