Criptoe 5000 NLG Gulden Coin


The Guldencoin name originates from the previous Dutch Guilder national currency. The coin has April 4th 2014 written on the front to show the release date of Guldencoin. Each coin is labelled on the front with 001 to 250. It contains a rather beautiful hologram on the reverse, that only contains a QC code containing the public key.

The coin has a rather notable diamond cut pattern around the rim of the coin which enhances a golden glimmer. Serial numbers below 50 went for higher sale prices.

Supplier Criptoe
Release Date 01/01/2014
Country of Origin Netherlands
Item Type Coin
Denomination 5000.000 NLG (Guldencoin)
Mintage Quantity 250
Base Material Alloy
Plating Gold
Diameter 44.00mm
Depth 3.00mm
Weight 38.00g
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