2014 NastyFans 1oz Silver Coin & Gold Gilt

NastyFans 1oz Silver Coin with Gold Gilt Reverse


Release date is when pre-orders were accepted, but it is a 2014 coin.

Features of NastyFans Minted Seats:
Receives & Stores Bitcoin Distributions for 1 NastyFans Seat
Tamper-Evident Security Hologram (first 150 with Diffusing Insert)
Engraved Public & Private Keys
Sequential Public Key Vanity Addresses (i.e. 1Nastyxx)
Sealed in Plastic Airtite Capsule
50% of sales were donated to NastyFans
Supplier NastyFans
Release Date 29/11/2013
Country of Origin United States
Item Type Coin
Mintage Quantity 50
Base Material Silver
Plating Gold
Diameter 39.00mm
Depth 3.00mm
Weight 1.00 oz.
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