1 LTC CryptoVest Silver Coin


These physical litecoins are nicknamed Zinodaur by the maker. There are two types in this range: 3150 standard and 850 limited edition coins in this series. The limited edition hologram version contains a window in it, whereas the standard version is without. 5000 Zinodaur holograms were created in total, so the remaining ones may be used on up to a thousand new coins. They were originally meant to be funded, but this was stopped due to the legal issues Casascius had received at the time.
Supplier Crypto Vest
Release Date 01/01/2013
Country of Origin United States
Item Type Coin
Mintage Quantity 4000
Base Material Zinc Alloy
Diameter 39.00mm
Depth 3.10mm
Weight 24.10g
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