0.01 BTC Denarium Coin


This was the first coin produced by Denarium and it contained a hologram on the back that was very similar to the first Casascius coins. The holograms come marked with E for Empty (Unfunded) or L for Loaded (Prefunded) next to the first bits.

The front of the coin is denominated as 1/100 BTC and also contains a Dove image. The hidden private key behind the hologram is printed not only as plain text but also as a QR code. A combination of user funded and prefunded coins were sold.

Supplier Denarium
Release Date 01/01/2015
Country of Origin Finland
Item Type Coin
Denomination 0.010 BTC (Bitcoin)
Mintage Quantity 2000
Base Material Brass
Diameter 28.60cm
Depth 1.70cm
Weight 7.65g
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