1 BTC Silver Lealana Gold Plated Coin


Each coin came from the manufacturer with a Certificate of Authenticity, clear air-tight capsule, and black single-coin leatherette case. 500 coins from the total mintage quantity were sold in limited edition four coin sets with individual serial numbers 1-500. It is split into three different hologram types:
Non-Serialised Black: 0
Black: 290
Buyer Funded Black: 10
Green: 200 (released after Casascius ceased most operations)
Supplier Lealana
Release Date 21/10/2013
Country of Origin United States
Item Type Coin
Denomination 1.000 BTC (Bitcoin)
Mintage Quantity 1000
Base Material Silver
Plating Gold
Original Price (crypto) 1 Bitcoin
Diameter 39.00mm
Depth 3.00mm
Weight 1.00 oz.
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