1 BTC Cryptolator Series 1


The first in the Cryptolator unchained series with the iconic logo of people running from banks - symbolising how people will flee from fiat currency. Out of the total, 120 have a serial numbers. From the remaining 20: four received unique color engravings in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. The remaining 16 were each given unique non-serial identifiers.

There are three varieties of this coin and the breakdown of each variety is unknown. Multisignature & Single-key were marked Original on the hologram. The self assembled DIY coins came marked with Personal. Most coins were not pre-funded prior to shipment.

Supplier Cryptolator
Release Date 01/01/2014
Country of Origin Canada
Item Type Coin
Denomination 1.000 BTC (Bitcoin)
Mintage Quantity 140
Base Material Silver
Diameter 39.00mm
Depth 3.00mm
Weight 1.00 oz.
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