0.10 BTC Quetzalcoatl Copper Coin Series 1

Quetzalcoatl Coin Series 1 Holograms


DIY Coin with an unloaded face value of 0.1 BTC. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Comes in a Bronze and Copper with antique finish version - 100 of each. Tamper proof hologram and air-tite capsule was originally included. Came with a black velvet pouch. This coin has an Antique finish.

The 23 BTC and 23 stars logos represent a connection with the coin makers name - defcon23
Supplier Defcoins
Release Date 15/08/2016
Item Type Coin
Mintage Quantity 100
Base Material Copper
Diameter 31.00mm
Depth 2.50mm
Weight 16.40g
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