0.01 BTC 2014 Microsoul Silver Coin

0.01 BTC Microsoul Coin - Series 3 Close Up


This coin is made from .999 fine silver and were made in a smaller batch compared to the other 0.01 BTC of the same year. Out of the total, it was further split into two groups: Five were made with the Series 1 hologram and 41 were made with a Series 2 hologram. Microsoul had a lot of difficulties with this batch, the prototypes were sent back and customs seized a batch resulting in a financial loss. A chemical test was done on the coins, showing at least 90%+ silver content.
Supplier Microsoul
Release Date 01/01/2015
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Item Type Coin
Denomination 0.010 BTC (Bitcoin)
Mintage Quantity 46
Base Material Silver
Plating Gold
Diameter 28.50mm
Depth 1.10mm
Weight 15.00g
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