Crypto Currency Definition Glossary

The world of crypto currency items can be a strange and daunting place to new hobbyists. Now you can clear up some of the confusion around investing in these wonderful collectibles by checking out our simple reference list below.
Term Definition
Loaded This is a term usually used to define an item that has a public and private key stored within it. For example, with Casascius coins the minified public key is prominently displayed and the private key is hidden away under a hologram.
Unloaded In the massive world of crypto collectibles many different object types have been produced - tokens, paintings, books, etc. This term helps to distinguish between items that have a stored cryptocurrency value and those that do not.
Redeemed An item that originally included a public and private key combination. It usually gives you access to a wallet containing a cryptocurrency, but the previous owner has transferred the stored value out of the wallet. This may also mean that any hologram and hidden private key are no longer with the item.
Token or Chip Imagine a poker chip on a casino table and you get a good idea of a token. They usually come unloaded and are made of plastics - the quality may be lower than minted coins as they are easier to produce.
Hologram A hologram applied to cryptocurrency items is usually a sticky label placed over the back of a coin to conceal the private key. It may contain the logo of the coin manufacturer, an imprinted public key and stylized detail which can act as a security feature. Beware that they are relatively easy to produce and fake versions may exist.
First Bits When the first Casascius coins were produced, some of them were fairly small and it is difficult to fit the whole public key on to the hologram. Instead of that the first 5 or 6 letters were used to represent the start of the wallet public key. This allows the user to identify what the public wallet address is from a supplied list.

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